Our core approach has been Simplicity with value generation being the foremost focus.

Since establishment, Jaura Capital has gradually evolved as a preferred choice of partner developer and the investor as well. This is a result of our immense dedication towards exceeding expectations which our team of experts has made it possible. Our team of experienced professionals has strong understanding of the Real Estate market, healthy proprietary relationships with leading developers and that ensures consistent returns to the investor.

Jaura Capital believes that real estate investing is a personal business and under the leadership of industry experts, the company has been able to refine its investmemt strategy since the incorporation of the business.

Our investment strategy is defined by:

  • Acting upon opportunities that we believe are the most convincing
  • Facilitating strong execution through healthy business partnerships with strong local developers
  • Forming solid risk mitigation strategies and techniques to safe guard investments.

India is a destination where several developers carry out business on a national basis. Jaura Capital identifies strong local developers and partners with them. During the negotiation of an agreement, our company makes sure that the entire process is done is such a way that the investor’s, developer’s and Jaura Capital’s economic interest are in sync with each other.

Jaura Capital carries out in-depth market research and then targets what it finds as the most compelling fragment of the Indian real estate. The Fund Manager generally targets investments in residential projects based in select tier 1 cities. Be it a Greenfield or brownfield, Jaura Capital makes sure to keep end pricing at such as level that is affordable to a large section of the population. By catering to a wide section of the target market with affordable housing projects, the company believes that its projects would remain in high demand.

Jaura Capital understands that structured investment varies on the risk tolerance of the investor and values the interests of partners and investors in the best possible way. The company believes that investors that are conservative in nature will have a higher exposure to the fixed income markets whereas on the other hand, risk-tolerant investors hold a higher exposure to equities and derivatives. Moreover, as a company, we ensure to safe guard our business from any kind of risk that the company might have to face. We completely understand that every business is prone to risks and thereby, we ensure that our risk mitigations strategies are always in place.