Warehouse Services

Increase in foreign trade, outsourcing of manufacturing activities, and the emergence of organized retail are necessitating the growth of warehousing, supply chain management, cold storage and transportation. With new warehousing and logistic frontiers opening throughout India, local and multinational companies are facing challenges in the selection and the management of the required locations.

At Realistic Realtors, we understand the specific requirement of the respective client and with a dedicated team of warehousing and logistics, we are able to help our clients to achieve higher efficiencies along with quality.

Our Logistics and Warehouse Services professionals apply their understanding of current and emerging technologies and global business practices to every assignment, while maintaining local market expertise across the region. This enables our dedicated team to meet the specified needs of clients to source high-tech industrial space for manufacturing, assembly, research and development, logistics-based distribution and warehouse facilities.

Our vast coverage of 22 states across North, East and West India and maximum database of related developers and owners in this industry, gives us unrivalled market knowledge. This also enables us to have an edge over other professionals of the same industry to give you not only the maximum choices of suitable options as required, but also timely delivery of the required information and details ensuring that our service reaches you when you need it.


Our Logistics and Warehouse services includes:

  • Sales and leasing of industrial, warehouse, and business park properties
  • Corporate relocation of logistics centres
  • Rent review and renewal of existing letting
  • Development appraisal of existing bare sites
  • Consultancy and advisory services